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Renting a photo booth for your event or party will definitely add plenty of fun and excitement. And you CAN’T go wrong with a photo booth rented from Colorado Photo Booth! We GUARANTEE you and your guests will absolutely LOVE it and that you will hear rave reviews long afterward your event is over! When choosing a photo booth company, however, there are many things to consider. We want to provide you with some tips to help you make the right choice so your event will be worry free, extra special and filled with many good memories for many years to come!

Colorado Photo Booth is a family owned, locally owned, fully insured Colorado based company, not a national chain or a company that is trying to service many states. Because we serve a smaller area, you can be assured that quality and service are at the top of the list. YOU and YOUR event are our first and foremost priority! If you or your guests are not delighted about our photo booth we will refund your money!*

*Guarantee applies to weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, quiceaneras, private birthday or anniversary parties, and sweet sixteen parties. Guarantee applies only if Colorado Photo Booth agrees with the physical location of the photo booth at the event.

The size of the photo booth you choose to rent can make a huge difference. We looked at every photo booth that we could find on the market. Then looked at all the positives and negatives of each photo booth. Then we custom designed and built our photo booths to make sure our booth was as perfect as we could make it. Many booths we found were small and built for kids, there would be no way to fit 7 brides’ maids in them. So we designed a larger booth, with a removable bench that will allow 8 people to fit in the booth comfortably, and more if you are squeezing together! Would you like a picture with all the brides’ maids in the booth? We can make it happen for you! Look at pictures from other companies. If they don’t show any pictures of more than couple people in their booth, it’s because more than that won’t fit! We know from experience, the more people that can fit into the booth, the more fun people have!

Colorado Photo Booth uses professional equipment, tops in the industry, in its photo booths. We found many of our competitors use an old video camera to actually take the pictures. We feature 15 Mega-Pixel digital cameras for super sharp, hi-resolution images. Our printers, like the rest of our equipment, are high end, high speed Sony Photo Lab printers, not cheap ink-jet printers. This produces the highest quality images which are printed out within 25 seconds for your waiting around for slow speed printers in order to get your photos! Our printers are also movable. This allows us to place the printer in a location that allows for a better flow of traffic in and around the photo booth which allows your guests even more use.

We are more than happy to send anyone interested in renting our booth a sample pack of photos. We recommend getting samples from any company you might be interested in using for your event. We really want you to see the quality of our prints firsthand and what your guests will be getting as a keepsake. Our prints are scratch and smudge resistant. They come out completely dry and laminated and will last for over 100 years without substantial fading. Compare our photos with the competition and see for yourself the quality. You can even spill a drink on one of our pictures without damaging it! Go ahead, run one of our photos under the faucet, it will not be damaged!

Colorado Photo Booth will host your photos online for free, for at least a year, without a watermark and we don’t retain the copyright. Meanwhile, most photo booth rental companies that put the pictures online actually put a watermark or copyright on the photos! You may have to pay $3-$5 to get an extra copy of your photo! You and your guests are free to download them and email them. Facebook them or share them with friends all over the world! FOR FREE! If you want to send them to a digital photo place like Target, Walmart, Walgreen’s or Safeway, we even give you the links to these stores to make your life easier. You will only pay what they charge to get copies of your photos. 
Some competitor photo booth companies also want to charge you up to $150.00 for a DVD containing YOUR pictures. We ALWAYS include a Hi-Resolution DVD with all of the pictures taken, FREE of charge!* *(Does not apply to the Economy Package) 

You will have a trained, professional representative of our staff on hand for your event. Your event is very important to us and we will do everything possible to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Most of the rental packages from Colorado Photo Booth are all-inclusive with NO HIDDEN FEES OR COSTS. You get all of the fun, some great memories and worry free concern!

We have been in business and have done many events since 2009 and will be glad to work with you to make sure your booth is placed in the proper location. Choosing the correct physical location for the photo booth at your event is very important. The location will certainly determine how much use it gets and how much enjoyment your guests will have. Here again, we want your event to be the best it can be! And our experienced staff will help you locate the best location possible for the most use by your guests. 

We take pride in our quality and our professional service to you, our customer. We have many packages and options to choose from and are always willing to work with you on putting together a package that fits your needs and your budget.

Thanks for choosing Colorado Photo Booth!

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